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Programmatic advertising is becoming mainstream and has now reached a market value of more than €5.7bn according to IAB Europe’s 2015 Programmatic Market Sizing study. Nearly all stakeholders including strategists, planners, buyers and operational teams across the digital ecosystem are embracing programmatic advertising and building on its potential for value creation. With only 13% of advertisers, 8% of publishers and 7% of media agencies claiming that they are not using programmatic technology, the IAB Europe Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising research shows that almost everybody in the industry is now deploying some form of programmatic advertising.

IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee, a multi-stakeholder initiative, aims to help advertisers, agencies and publishers increase their understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and implement successful strategies. The Committee is delivering a comprehensive pan-European programme of educational activities.

Programmatic Trading Committee leadership:
Chair: Simon Halstead, Head of Open Demand, International, AOL
Vice Chair: Dino Bongartz, BVDW (IAB Germany) and The ADEX

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Marie-Clare Puffett
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