IAB Austria

IAB National, Austria


Publishers, Portals, Media Agency, Creative Agency, Advertisers, Researchers and others.

Communication Tools

Lobbying, Education, Events
Publishing annual Handbook Online Advertising Austria
Strategic repositioning IAB Austria 2009 (incl. monetarisation, reorganisation)


WebAd: www.webad2012.at


Lilian Meyer-Janzek, Managing Director, IAB Austria

IAB Austria Board

Martina Zadina, Board President, adworx
Karin Hammer, Vice President, Freie Digitale
Bernd Wollmann, Vice President, Casinos Austria
Eugen Schmidt, About Media
Roland Divos, Omnicom Media Group
Bettina Fattinger, Volksbank AG
Petra Höfer, ORF Enterprise
Susanne Ostertag, Microsoft Advertising Austria
Herbert Pratter, Aegis Media Austria
Marion Stelzer-Zöchbauer, Die Presse Media GmbH
Niko Alm, Super-Fi
Christopher Sima, United Internet Media
Barbara Klinser, Fastbridge
Bojana Maric, Mediacom
Karl Nagl, MEC Interaction
Christian Eder, Red Bull Media House


First row (left to right): Herbert Pratter, Karin Hammer, Lilian Meyer-Janzek, Martina Zadina, Barbara Klinser, Sabine Auer, Marion Stelzer-Zöchbauer, Sabine Ostertag, Bettina Fattinger
Second row: Karl Nagl, Niko Alm, Roland Divos, Petra Höfer, Bernd Wollmann, Eugen Schmidt, Christopher Sima, Christian Eder.


Sabine Auer, Mindshare


IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau BetriebsgmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 123/3
1060 Wien
Phone +43 699 14 222 877




Email Martina Zadina, President of IAB Austria and CEO of adworx.

Email Lilian Meyer-Janzek, Managing Director, IAB Austria.

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Managing Director Lilian Meyer-Janzek (left) with the board president Martina Zadin.


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