GDPR Webinar Series: Join to get an overview of what GDPR compliance means and how to get started

Join this webinar series to gain insights into the work of IAB Europe’s GDPR Implementation Group (GIG).

After the 25th of May 2018, data protection authorities will have the power to fine companies up to €20,000,000 for breaching the new data protection law, the GDPR. The best time to start figuring out compliance was probably a year and a half ago, when the law was adopted. The next best time is now

  • Webinar 1 was presented by Michele Appello, Senior Director Business Solutions at Improve Digital, which focused on IAB Europe’s GDPR Compliance Primer. Watch the replay here.
  • Webinar 2 was presented by Ghita Harris-Newton, Chief Privacy Officer & Deputy General Counsel from Quantcast, which will focus on Personal Data. Watch the replay here.

Join our 3rd Webinar on the 7th of December 2017 at 4 PM CET/3 PM GMT, which will focus on consent. 

Consent will be necessary in many situations for the legal processing of data. But what does that mean? How can you make sure consent is specific enough? How can you guarantee that consent was given through an affirmative action?

Register here. 

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