The Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2018 brought together industry experts and thought-leaders to explore the latest trends, drivers and barrier...
22 November 2018
Event recording: IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2018 
This webinar aimed to answer three vital questions tied to digital transformation: what it is, why it is important, and how it can be achiev...
15 October 2018
IAB Europe Webinar Recording: Digital Transformation – the what, the why, the how
This working paper on controller and processor definitions has been prepared by the members of the IAB Europe GDPR Implementation Group unde...
19 September 2018
IAB Europe GIG: Working Paper on Controller – Processor Criteria
Traditionally, the digital marketing industry collects and uses Pseudonymous Data for its services. Often, these technology companies also d...
19 September 2018
IAB Europe GIG: Working Paper on Data Subject Requests
The IAB Europe Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising Report shows that advertisers continue to demand transparency, greater control, access...
12 September 2018
IAB Europe Report: Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising 2018
The European Programmatic Market Sizing Report produced in collaboration with IHS Markit reveals that the total programmatic display adverti...
12 September 2018
IAB Europe Report: European Programmatic Market Sizing 2017
The measurement of advertising effectiveness is steeped in a history of evolution and the introduction of digital channels has increased thi...
4 September 2018
IAB Europe White Paper: Digital Advertising Effectiveness
The aim of the IAB Europe Transparency Guide is to improve transparency in the digital advertising supply chain in the areas of data, co...
31 August 2018
IAB Europe Transparency Guide
The way in which ads are traded via programmatic methods has evolved and now there are various mechanisms available such as open auction, gu...
28 August 2018
IAB Europe White Paper: Header Bidding and Auction Dynamics
By Ezgi Doganay Aksit , Associate Digital Director, OMD Turkey and Gökberk Ertunç, Senior Programmatic Executive, OMD Turkey At the en...
21 August 2018
Member blog: Digital Out of Home and OMD campaign for HP
The IAB Europe Using Data Effectively in Programmatic White Paper (first published in November 2016) has been updated to reflect the changin...
23 July 2018
IAB Europe White Paper: Using Data Effectively in Programmatic V2.0 (GDPR Update)
Developed under the guidance of the IAB Europe Education & Training Committe in concert with the IAB Europe Research Committee, this sur...
11 July 2018
IAB Europe Survey: Human Capital in the Digital Environment 2018
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