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With online advertising growing in leaps and bounds in recent years, it is imperious that the shortage of digital skills be addressed as a matter of urgency. The growth of the industry creates jobs whose requirements in terms of skillsets need to be covered by a robust and comprehensive pan-European education programme.

As the voice of the European online industry, IAB Europe aims to support national education initiatives launched by its member IABs. 2015 has seen IAB Europe take concrete steps to also develop a more well-rounded Education Programme of its own, and thus spearhead training efforts across Europe. Filling vacancies in the online advertising industry with tech-savvy individuals whose digital acumen will prove to be the driving force behind flourishing markets is one of IAB Europe’s main long-term goals.

Further to this aim, in 2016 the IAB Europe Education & Committee (ETC) was created. The ETC aims to bridge the gap between national IABs and private training centres. In doing so, IAB Europe and its members will help raise digital skills in Europe and thus contribute to a more thriving market for all parties involved. Another chief objective of this Committee is to support training endeavours led by national IABs and lay the groundwork for economies of scale in this field across Europe.

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