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A study of the effects of the parallel use of several screens on attention and the consequences for media planning, creation and advertising...
20 November 2015
United Internet Media and InteractiveMedia – Catch Me If You Can!
IAB Serbia and MindTake have set up an annual online audience research in Serbia that is executed through an online panel in collaboration w...
20 November 2015
IAB Serbia: Annual Online Audience Research
IAB UK commissioned this piece of research to investigate how consumers really use their devices and how this impacts on purchases. The stud...
20 November 2015
IAB UK – RealView
An ethnographic study with eye tracking, which investigates the distribution of attention to the various screens in multi-screen situations....
20 November 2015
United Internet Media – Multi-Screen – A Peak into the Living Room!
The “digital facts” AGOF study will enable media planners to calculate reach and user data for combined stationary and mobile enabled we...
20 November 2015
AGOF – Digital Facts
20 November 2015
Toyota makes an online video campaign to increase awareness and purchase intent for Toyota’s ...
20 November 2015
UNICEF creates a mobile campaign for UK charity to increase brand associations and donation int...
In this study, three brands: BoboFrut, Leroy Martin and Olympus, show that online branding campaigns help in building engagement of internet...
20 November 2015
IAB Poland and MEC make a WebTrack study
Using video advertising to show the styling possibilities that can be achieved using the Philips Grooming shaver the brand user interaction ...
20 November 2015
Philips Grooming shaver shows strong potential for video advertising
The results of this study prove that the cross-media campaign for the “Leibniz Choco Crunchy” product launch was able to positively infl...
20 November 2015
Leibniz Choco Crunchy shows positive influence through a cross-media campaign
Online branding campaign for De Cecco increases awareness by 148% and triples growth in sales.
20 November 2015
De Cecco triples growth with a successful online branding campaign
Microsoft aimed to raise product awareness and drive consideration of the new Lumia 930, extending the reach of the television commercial wi...
20 November 2015
Microsoft Lumia 930 expands reach through video bannering

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