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GfK and Time Inc: Putting people back into data

Today’s Connected Consumers are engaging with published content not only in print but online through numerous devices – both desktop and mobile. Global publisher Time Inc., already a key player in programmatic advertising, understands that in order to retain its premium credentials in this area that it needs to leverage its understanding of the consumer.

Working in partnership with GfK in the UK and US, the publisher has been able to do just this, creating rounded “3D” segmentations for more effective programmatic ad targeting. Taking this route, Time Inc. has been able to “put people back into the data”.


Where programmatic advertising is today the opportunity to reach consumers through magazine brands has been expanding as new platforms have been introduced. The growth in programmatic targeting is expected to continue with 70-80% of digital display forecasted to be traded this way in the UK by 2018. Globally, the approach affords advertisers the chance to establish and maximize efficient cross-market targeting. However, as fast as the media landscape has evolved to open up new platforms, the ways to measure performance and target ads have increased in complexity.


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