DMA Institute


DMA InstituteĀ operates in over 40 countries globally.

DMA Institute is a technology platform which enables Marketers and Brands to objectively evaluate the performance and effectiveness of their digital advertising. This is done by essentially connecting online marketing with double opted-in individuals (EU Privacy), providing insights and analytics data focusing on factors such as whether target group has seen the Ads (Viewabity in Target Audience) and/or whether the ads had attributed to conversions (Viewability in Conversion).

The analytics and reporting is available on a 24/7 user friendly Dashboard, or can also be ingested into Marketersā€™ or Brands own DMP or Dashboard. From a Programmatic perspective, these insights and data analytics are often ingested by Trading Desks and Platforms as part of the pre-bidding data and for benchmarking purposes. As the data is connected to double-opted in individuals, Marketers and Brands can directly reach those individuals who has been exposed to the campaigns in terms of Ad|Brand Effectiveness studies. This proprietary analytics technology is truely crossdevice providing data cross device and soon in-app globally in over 30+ countries.

Our Clients
We work with Brands/Advertisers, Agencies, Research Agencies, Publishers, TradingDesks and Platforms.

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